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Retro Wooden Pencil Cases

No gift shop is complete without stationary. As a quick, but thoughtful gift, art supplies and writing equipment are synonymous with museums, art galleries and zoos where storage and robustness is needed.

We think long and hard about the products we choose to stock at Silverline and each handpicked item is tried and tested. Our Traditional Wooden Pencil Cases are no different. Our wooden pencil cases are one of our most high-quality items that invoke feelings of nostalgia among our staff members. I think it's safe to say that we have all owned at least one of these nifty pencil cases at some point in our lives.

Why wooden pencil cases?

1. Print Space.

Our wooden pencil cases offer flat, wide surface for print. Which works great for our clients - Your design can feature as much, or as little, information as you want and still have space for eye catching images. 

Not only that, but we print full colour allowing for complete customisation - that's all included in the price.

2. Quality.

These wooden pencil cases offer better durability than standard textile or plastic cases. Pencils are less likely to snap or move around meaning they stay sharper longer and tidy for longer.

Made with strong adhesives these wooden cases are less likely to break when dropped - which is great for kids that tend to drop they're school bag! 

We also won't be beaten on price - So if you have received a better quote somewhere else, talk to us! We'll endeavour to match or better the price. 

We are also one of the only places in the UK to offer incredibly low minimum order quantities. Our minimum order quantities start at 10pcs, but we are happy to bundle items, for example; 5 Pencil cases with 5 umbrellas. So if you have a particular requirement you have to meet we will always try to accommodate you.


Don't forget we also do a huge range of other items that you can find in our store! We have over 20 years of experience in merchandise printing and are one of the UK's leading printers based in Swansea, Wales.