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Pop Out Phone Holders

Admit it. You’re glued to your phone like the rest of us. Our phones have replaced calendars, phone books and even personal assistants due to all the features packed into the small console. Year after year, more features are added, and the sizes of the devices decrease — a trend across brands including Apple and Samsung. 

Whether you’re playing Angry Birds or having a selfie session, its not easy to hold on to your phone while tapping away at the screen. In comes pop out phone holders to the rescue. It functions as both a phone grip and stand that you can use to handle your phone without worries of breaking your very expensive glass screen.

The Pop out phone holder is an influencer’s hidden secret.

The circular clip sticks to the back of your phone or phone case and lies flat when not in use. The magic begins when you extend the socket, which has soft ridges for you to comfortably place your hands. You can extend the grip in any direction to fulfil you selfie needs.

Once your hand is firmly placed, you can pan up or down and be sure your phone won’t move or hit the ground. You can also place the pop out phone holder on any flat surface to view your phone’s portrait — no hands needed.

In 2018 we saw the year that influencer marketing took off. On Instagram alone, an estimated 14.5 million sponsored posts (using hashtags like #sponsored and #ad) were shared in 2017 and was expected to hit 21.7 million by the end of 2018, according to Mediakix and Instagram.

Now, think about it - What if your brand / message was an influencer's phone, there with every mirror selfie. We offer pop out phone sockets in full colour so your brand can make the most impact.

From £1.49 +VAT our pop out phone holders are a real budget friendly product for merchandising or gifts & giveaways. Ideal for when supplying influencer's and  bloggers!

We already supply industry leading fashion chains with their pop out phone holders, what are you waiting for?