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Ethically Produced Tote Bags

Why should we use tote bags? 4 good reasons to make the switch today!

1. The material

It's no surprise that plastic production and use is harming our environment. It can take up to 1,000 years to break down depending on what environment it ends up in - and due to being lightweight, they can end up anywhere; landfill, beaches, trees, gutters, parks - you name it. To make matters worse an estimated one million birds, 100,000 turtles, and countless other sea animals die each year from ingesting plastic. The animals confuse floating bags and plastic particles for edible sea life such as jellyfish and plankton. Once ingested, the plastic blocks the digestive tract and the animals starve to death.

Think paper bags are better? You might be surprised... Paper bag production involves the use of chemicals and high temperatures, and it releases toxins into the atmosphere at nearly the same rate as plastic bag production. Paper bags weigh almost ten times as much as plastic ones, meaning that more fuel is required to ship them to stores. Despite being highly recyclable, only 20% of paper bags end up being recycled, while the rest share a fate with their plastic brethren. In landfills, paper bags create more than twice as much atmospheric waste as plastic ones do, so they’re not necessarily a better choice for the environment.

Now that the doom-and-gloom is out of the way, lets talk about tote bag material - our tote bags are sourced from factories that are regularly audited by independent inspectors to ensure that they adhere to the highest of International Standards. Not only that, we care about our workers welfare and it is important to us as is the impact to the local environment. We do all that we can to make sure that you can buy our eco-friendly range of bags knowing that we have taken our responsibilities very seriously.

2. Durability

The average reusable bag has a lifespan equal to that of more than 700 disposable plastic bags. One person using reusable bags over their lifetime would remove more than 22,000 plastic bags from the environment. Isn’t that an even better incentive?

3. Think of the savings!

By using a fabric bag you will avoid having to buy plastic bags which are becoming increasingly expensive, both in shops and supermarkets. Taking your customised fabric bag with you, you won’t have to pay for another bag every time you go shopping.

4. Aesthetics & Quality

Because of their characteristics fabric bags have a style of their own, very different from plastic ones. Fabric bags are fashionable and more and more people choose them as a complement for going shopping, to work or just for going out and enjoying their leisure time.

Added to the quality of the material is the quality of the printing and you know how we like to pay attention to detail so that they are perfect. We want your pictures, designs, slogans or logos to look fantastic on your fabric bags, because caring for the planet and being fashionable is not impossible.

We offer full colour prints at a competitive price so you can customise it for your business, event or as a great giveaway product: view our full colour tote bag here!


Your customers will love these ethically produced full colour print tote bags! Full range of styles and sizes with low minimum quantities available for fast turnaround!

Full Colour Printed Tote Bags From £1.99 +vat for 250 pcs... Got a small order? 25 pcs at £2.99 +vat.