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If you're on a tight budget but are trying to get gift ideas for your shop or give away, we'd recommend our Bar Blades. Small and useful, these are perfect as a till up sell item that your customers are more likely to keep or pass on to friends and family.

Did you know, most people keep their branded items for about 6.6 months. But what makes people reach for branded products? 69% of people will take a promo item if it is useful. And, if they don’t want to keep their promo items or they don’t need them anymore, 63% of people usually pass them along to someone who wants it, or will use it.

Our Bar Blades start at £1.59 +vat for orders over 500 and hold a RRP of £6.99.

Don't be fooled by how cheap our Bar Blades are; made from stainless steel, our Bar Blades have a nice, tactile weight to them and with a full colour print they can look like a premium item.

If you have any questions about our Bar Blades or would like a sample, please get in touch!